'Hello, World!' and other cliches

22 Jun 2023, 10:42 p.m.

This first post exists mainly as an introduction, as well as a method to test whether my uploads actually work properly (if you can read this, it at least sort-of works).

Okay, so who am I? I'm Antony, a 30-something factory worker who likes to read and write, run and lift. I live in the East of England with my wife and son, and I'm a mature student studying Computing and IT with the Open University. The things in tech that most interest me at the moment are Unix-like operating systems (mainly Linux, also the *BSDs and Android), backend web development and infrastructure/deployment stuff, and low level programming like device drivers. I'm a million miles from mastering C and Assembly though, so I don't do much in the latter category beyond browsing source code and confusing myself.

Why did I make a blog? For fun, and to practice writing and deploying a web app. I definitely need to iron out some kinks in my process, but it actually went reasonably okay I think. I used Python, Django, Nginx, and Gunicorn and slapped it on top of an Ubuntu VPS.

I'm going to leave it there for today. A short and sweet intro post to kick this thing off. I'll continue working on it and adding features, hopefully building it into something that can take pride of place in a portfolio.